There is a movement going on right now by the lazy and unmotivated among you. It goes something like this:

“Multi-tasking doesn’t work. There’s no such thing as multi-tasking — your computer switches really fast from one thing to another — it just seems like multi-tasking. Therefore, if you are focusing on more than one goal at a time you are being ineffective.”

I am here to tell you that this is bullshit.

Don’t buy into the fake news pushed by these people who will achieve NOTHING in their life. …

This excerpt is from the upcoming book, “Androphile Pride,” available soon from Amazon.

Androphile Pride book cover

Let me tell you about Frank.

Frank knows. Somehow Frank has always known. He’s a guy who likes guys. That’s about it.

He likes cock. Period.

All would be fine for Frank if it weren’t for other people.

Suddenly there are all these other people who tell Frank WHO HE IS and WHAT HIS LIFE SHOULD LOOK LIKE. All simply because he likes cock.

The ultra-rigid-fear-mongering Christians tell you that you are demon spawn: recruited by an older man and now out to recruit boys to a…

G Scott Graham-Stephens

Boston Career Coach / Business Coach and author of 10 books, Scott is passionate about helping people find their true azimuth. http://BostonBusiness.Coach

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